Why you need to do SEO

Why you need to do SEO

As the world around us is rapidly changing, the mentality of the customers is changing too. Today’s customers tend to do more research, read, compare and ask questions. To fulfill customers’ curiosity, they are relying more on search engines to find everything from the best morning healthy meal to where is the best local mechanic repair shop.

To keep on with the new curious customers’ mentality and the new technology of searching engines, Seo became an essential strategy of any effective marketing plan.

So what is exactly SEO? And why do you need to attract more loyal customers? We will discuss all of this in this blog.

SEO stands for: Search Engine Optimization. According to semrush.com the definition of SEO is: “The art and science of persuading search engines such as Google, Bing, and Yahoo, to recommend your content to their users as the best solution to their problems.” The main purpose of search engines is to satisfy their customers by fulfilling the best matching data in the user’s query, according to the user’s keywords and location in the same line of the algorithm, rank and authority of searched for websites.

These are 6 reasons why SEO is fundamental choice to attract more loyal customers:

It increases the trust, credibility and authority of your company:

You should know first that the internet has changed radically the way the consumers think. Today’s consumers, before they decide to pay for any service or item, tend to make expanded searches for the potential service, merchant ‘s reputation and experience, other customers’ reviews and many other complicated thoughts, fears. About 62% of potential customers use search engines to find the perfect services or goods, and 41% of them use the new collected data to buy.

The fundamental purpose of Seo is to make content marketing, that means turning your website to be a part of your potential loyal customers’ learning process in the very early searching stage. This target can be accomplished by making your website a rich helpful place of information and valuable content.

Knowing what the audiences are looking for:

SEO can tell you exactly what the customers want. Analyzing the written or spoken words for customers, their intent and needs., gives you a better understanding of customers’ voice and reviews. The searched keywords, phrases, questions and posted true reviews could give a wealthy query of customers’ intentions information. In other words, Seo focuses on the customers, and gives you a better understanding of customers’ voice and needs.

Attracting new audiences

Seo can make your website easily found and much easier to navigate. When a new potential customer with a flat tire for instance, needs an urgent towing service, he will make the following search: best towing service near me. Here comes the google algorithm to give the best near towing services according to the customer location. Most of the customers expect to find their most helpful information in the first searching front page. And the website is fully approachable in two seconds. For these expectations, you need a SEO to increase your ranking and provide you a place with the five best websites on the front searching page and make sure that your website is fully available and easy to load and navigate and engage with.

Building your brand

let’s agree that the prospect of the brand is an old tradition marketing school. Yet it’s still an essential prospect to approach the audience. brand is the meeting point of what customers reviews about you, with what service or goods information are about. Seo can select the accurate keywords and content to stay in the same line of the  exact image you want your brand to be.

Gives you the priority against your competitors:

An optimized website earns more traffic, more clicks and more approachable data about your services and goods. This will increase your site  rank and result pages. According to google; first search page results get 20.5% of the clicks, this percentage severely decreases to 13.32% on the second page. So by optimizing your website you give your website a push ahead and a great chance to be more noticeable by other customers more than the competitors who are earning less clicks. 

Level up your revenues

in a word Seo is the surefire for more growth. This can only be accomplished with building better relationships with the audience, improving their experience and knowledge, improving your authority and credibility. All these will create more loyal customers, thus increasing your sales and leveling up your revenues.

In conclusion we encourage you to take a step forward in boosting your business and widen your limits by using all the available SEO tools available now, and coming in the near future. Seo is a continuous improving marketing strategy seeking for the best solution in order to solve both customer and merchant present and future problems. We at Toronto Web And Seo work tirelessly so our customers are satisfied and get the best results they can get. We are very knowledgeable in this field and have a full team ready to work for you!

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