Tips for Creative SEO-Friendly Content Writing

Tips for Creative SEO-Friendly Content Writing

It’s not a secret that SEO can rapidly increase the trust, credibility and authority of your company; SEO main purpose is to optimize the  functionality of your content. Check this article to know more about the importance of seo. Yet without good writing techniques your ranking may not go any further than somewhere in the last 20 or 30 search page results. Just keep in mind good content writing goes hand in hand with seo.

So what are the tips of good SEO-friendly content blogs?

Above all you first need to know what the audience needs to know and what exactly they are looking for. Many content writers mix the purpose of writing a blog and advertising, they make a piece of article as if it’s a boring begging advertisement for their companies. They forget that the audience needs to know more further about the product or service, other options, other customers reviews and many information to make them comfortable and willing to buy a service or a product.

Customers usually make an extended search about the potential product or service, then they do a deep search for the reliable company. In a brief, to convince the customer about your company, first you give him a lot and a lot of information about what he wants to know.

Don’t know how to start?

like any essay writing tips, you need to think before you write. Use creative and eye-catching titles, do your research and read a lot about your potential article, take notes,  make an outline. create a clear structure: Introduction, body paragraphs and conclusion. Don’t forget to use transition words to make everything in coherence.  Good planning will save you a lot of time and effort. 

Are your paragraphs organized well?

Are they long and dull? these points can be solved using these tips: 

  1. Make your paragraphs short and clear, not more than 4  sentences.
  2. Use formatting options (like bold words or italic)  to make the important information eye-catching, and easier to stick to the mind.
  3. Use headlines; headlines make it easier for the readers to go through the article. 
  4. Interact with your audience: don’t just stick to the third object, formal orientation as a dull college professor; make it funnier, use humor, tell a story or raise a question. 
  5. Make it reliable: use third party studies, statistics and references. People tend to trust numbers and statistics  as evidence and motivation for their willingness to be choices, more than theories and thoughts.

Remember that the majority of the audience use their mobiles and tablets to do fast research, so organize your paragraphs wisely to make it easier for them to go through the article.

Don’t make it short and brief:

Although the quality of content is above the quantity, it’s good to know that the length of your blog matters too. Shortened blogs are less likely to be ranked while blogs above 400 words are more likely to perform better. If you are not a very skilled writer, you need to improve your writing skills and search for better writing blogs techniques on a daily basis. Remember Correct and constant  practice makes it perfect.

To understand it better, I need to see it: Audiences are visual, they tend to grab it faster if pictures, charts or videos are included. 

These were tips for creative writing techniques, but what about the technical seo techniques?

Make it all in one melting pot: What does that mean? As a content writer you properly have written down dozens of previous articles, add the links for the previous articles as a further reference, but only when it makes sense and useful. This technique has many advantages: 

  1. It helps the search engine to find more pages on your website and give a brief idea about your website content.
  2. Helps the readers to know more about the topic and keep them more in your website, thus reducing the bouncing rate.

Here is our website link for example. Why don’t you go through it to know better about us?

keyword, keyword and keywords:

Use keywords to make it easier for the search engine to find what exactly your potential customers are looking for. You can use some engines like to find the best keywords the audience uses for their search. Use keywords in the main heading, title and conclusion. practically use anywhere in your article, yet to stuff them with no reason, use them wisely as they are naturally needed and to be read. 

keep your old content alive:

Fresh content always comes first, search engines give the priority for the new content. To solve this issue keep updating your old contents using these tips. 

  1. keep your updates informative, don’t just update for the update, add new links and new ideas or new media and visual effects.
  2. change the date of publishing: this will make the searching engine re-indexing the content again.

focus on the highly ranked content: find the most optimized content and update them by adding the most ranked keywords. You can always check our website for free optimizing

Share your content:

Facebook, twitter, instagram and many other social platforms can spread your content. Google crawls first into the authorized websites, usually it prioritizes the social famous platforms. publish your articles on social media and add the links to your blogs and website to guarantee more visits, thus higher ranking.

Optimize your meta description: 

Remember that the main purpose of your blogs is to give a better optimization for your company. Make it long enough, not less than 200 characters to give a clear idea about you. The description should be informative and clear.  You don’t want the audience ending looking for another company, just because you forget to give a clear description about your company. 

and here is our meta description for example:

Toronto Web and SEO is a reputable Canadian owned digital marketing agency that provides the best advertising solutions through SEO, Google Ads, Social Media Marketing, and so much more. We have been successfully helping inventors, small businesses, and entrepreneurs since day one. With us you are not just hiring another SEO company or Website developer.. you are hiring a team that is dedicated to helping you accomplish all your digital marketing goals in any way possible. We go above and beyond and take care of everything to do with your online presence and who you are as a company.

To make a good Creative SEO-Friendly Content Writing, you should use both the technical and creative techniques for the best results, And remember you’re writing for people to read and for google to optimize. 

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