How to Boost Your Seo Content Traffic During Pandemic and Winter?

How to Boost Your Seo Content Traffic During Pandemic and Winter?

During the upcoming chilly nights and pandemic long weeks, you have to be well  prepared to face a resumed challenge to meet your customers needs.

Although through the past few months, the quarantine restriction has been eased around the world, yet new measurements are taking place to put an end for Corona virus spreading before winter. This will properly lockdown people into their houses for some more stressful and boring period of time.

As a content writer you may face some challenges because of the unemployment raising ratio and winter slow season. These circumstances force families to tighten their belts and they will look more for online services that fit their current situation. Plus  due to all these  circumstances, scientists mentioned that the customer behavior and psychology are unpredictably changing, which raises new challenges to keep on track and attract new potential loyal  customers.

However using these  smart Seo seasonal content friendly writing strategies you will be able to take advantage of these current raising conditions, and boost your Seo content traffic.

So what are these highly beneficial strategies you may use to boost your Seo content??

Use winter and pandemic keywords:

Pretend that you are a customer looking for a gift, what are the most likely keywords you would use? Of course during freezing time of the year and lockdown no customer living in Toronto, Milton, or Mississauga  will search for “best pool” or “best barbecue grill”.

People usually use  specific seasonal keywords that meet both their needs and current conditions.  like: “best Christmas tree”, or “best valentine gift for your girlfriend”,  “cozy resort this winter”, “best thanksgiving turkey recipe”.

You may use “google trends” or any other tool to find the most common and popular keywords.

Compaine your meta keywords with the seasonal and holiday keywords and create best keyphrases and it will be a win in your potential customers search result.

Know your calendar:

Christmas, Thanksgiving, Valentine are occasions where people usually start to prepare and search for more ideas before at least six weeks.

Your content should be prepared and published six weeks before at least. You may dedicate seasonal blogs, so you are always ready.

Black Friday and Cybar Monday:

It’s not a secret to tell that most middle class families keep their purchasing wish list for only these two days in the year where they can get the best and cheapest deals. Although you are a content writer not a retail merchant, you need to keep updated with other merchant and retail stores flyers and deals.

 These  flyers and deals are what keeps you eye-to-eye with most of your potential customers’ needs and purchasing habits moreover new items. After all, an expert content writer is the one who knows exactly what his potential customers are looking for and is well prepared to answer their questions in advance.

When a customer hits the keyboard to raise a question your answer should be ready in the first search result page

you may create a seasonal booklet to keep tracking your important occasions and new items.

Update your previous blogs:

start revising your old articles, edit them to suit the new season, add seasonal keyphrases and keywords.  It is a must to keep your old blogs fresh and alive and fit to the current occasion or stitution. You may change title, body, pictures, videos, charts  or whatever it seems best to optimize your old blogs. Just remember to change the date to a new date since google looks for the most fresh and new contents. 

Videos, Tutorials and explainers:

In order to keep your Seo content alive and lost somewhere in the last 20 or 30 search page results, keep posting videos, tutorials and explainers related to your content. Fresh content is the key to optimize your seo content.

Market your website:

During seasonal occasions, the competition is fierce. People tend to search more and compare more among a huge number of items and companies. Also, they tend to ask more and more for more presicative answers, hence they get more time during lockdown. So what  you need is an advantage boosting. Consider buying ads. you can advertise your website at reasonable prices. You may also use social media to spread your website, this will play a vital role for your website optimizing. Sometimes you need to spend money to gain more money. In addition you may need our website services to optimize your content

Yet, Seo optimization is not only about  incidental situations or seasons. It’s about constant posting, searching and creating new things.  If you are still facing hard times finding the best way to optimize your content you may need some help from the experts. Toronto Web and SEO is a reputable Canadian owned digital marketing agency that provides the best advertising solutions through SEO, Google Ads, Social Media Marketing, and so much more. 

Toronto Web and SEO has been successfully helping inventors, small businesses, and entrepreneurs since day one. 


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